Online Poker Sites: Where to Bet?

We have all started playing poker at home with friends or even at university when we were young. But sooner or later, we have decided to start playing online for real money in the big poker rooms. But, where should we bet out money on?

First, it is important to know that there are plenty of online poker sites that are safe. Providing a safe environment is one of the pillars of the Online Poker Sites. Not surprisingly, a multitude of critical data goes through its platform and also, money. Hence, the main objective of those responsible is to comply with all protocols, and with all existing recommendations.

In online poker, money and personal data are handled. This is why it is important that we educate ourselves on which room is best to play in. It is recommended that we pay attention to:


Look for the logos from the regulators of gambling and safe gambling. These two marks guarantee that the online poker room has a license granted. The most common are UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA). However, you can also find others such as Kahnawake Gaming Commission (Canadian), Curaçao Gaming Control or Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (Spanish, Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling).


The next thing we recommend to analyze is the traffic that the rooms have. The time at that we are going to play as well. If we are playing on free tables, it makes no sense to register at a poker room where there isn’t no one. We can download various poker software and check the tables; or traffic of the poker rooms that interest us in our game hours.

Free Bonuses

A good way of getting to know the poker site is with free bonuses. The majority of online casinos offer a welcome bonus for its poker room. It is focused on the player having fun and getting some money without costing him a single euro from his pocket. However, beware of misleading advertising: read the terms & conditions of all the promotions you would like to participate in.


Another issue is that when opening several tables, they find that it is impossible to keep up. It doesn’t matter whether they be cash or tournaments

On the other hand, if he starts playing in one, he gets bored. It is important that you are comfortable playing in the room; because of the layout of the buttons to bet; the display of the action on the table; or the time you have to perform an action.

How many times have we been dealt AA? How many times the software has thrown us the cards because we were at another table?

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Tips For First Timers At A Casino

Visiting a casino for the first time can be a surreal experience. The people, the games, the illumination, music, drinks and food and not to mention the casino tables can all seem amazing and certainly a bit intimidating.

Experiencing gambling at a casino is certainly an experience in itself, but one needs to take care to be alert. As an exciting experience could end up being a disaster if the one goes overboard. This is especially true for first timers or newcomers.

First, see everything

It is not wise to start betting on the first table you set your eyes upon. First look around the casino, check the kinds of games and get an overall vibe before you decide which table you wish to bet on. This is so that you can do maximum justice to your visit and not just go back seeing the first few tables.

Do not drink too much

The entire look and feel of a casino are such having a few drinks seems like the most obvious thing to do. But again, it going overboard with your drinks cannot just wash out the entire casino experience. Being in an inebriated state can hamper your sense of decision making and often end up betting on betting tables where losing is inevitable. Not to mention you could end up becoming a potential nuisance in the casino and may even be asked to leave.

Bet on tables that you know about

A casino is full of a wide range of table gambles, slot games, and other gambling options. You can go around and get to know the betting options that seem interesting and then bet on the ones that seem playable. Simply betting on tables that look attractive is as good as throwing that money away. You can try and bet small amounts of money in getting various experiences in different games.

Slots are not your best bet

As a first timer, it is understandable that you may not understand or want to try your hand at betting on tables for Black Jack, Poker etc. And slot machines seem to be the easiest and attractive way to bet. However, slot machines, especially the cheaper ones that use just pennies have a huge edge as high as 15-20 percent. This practically eliminates your chances of winning. In case you must bet on slot machines it is better to bet on the slightly expensive ones to improve your chances of winning.

Know when to stop

Being a first timer, it is crucial to know when to stop. There may be a roulette table where they let you win a few rounds however if you go overboard it will take the house edge just one turn to take all your booty back.

Never bet all your money

As lucky as you may feel, never ever bet all the money you have. Always keep some amount back at your hotel room, and some in your pocket that is sufficient to go back to your hotel.

For more tips and tricks check out our online poker tips.

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What is Poker?

Since the origins of online poker began as computer games and software began to become popular, read below the origins of poker and enlighten your poker knowldege. No one knows for sure where poker originated from and there are many beliefs and stories. Some say it possibly derived from the Chinese dominoes. And it is said that around 900 A.D. on New Year’s eve, the Chinese emperor Mu-Tsung played ‘domino cards’ with his wife. Sounds like something from Riley’s “Believe It or Not”, doesn’t it?

Others claim that it came from “as nas.” This seventeenth century Persian game is played using special decks of twenty-five cards with five suits. Others swear it’s based on the French “poque”. “Poque” was played by the French in 1480 who settled in New Orleans. This was a card game that involved betting and having to bluff to win. Some say that it was the first time four colours were used: spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. But then again there are hundreds of games that use bluffing and betting. Online Poker Download.

Historians date card fragments to the 12th or 13th century in Egypt. There are others who retort that cards evolved from Ganjifa, an Indian card game. Online Poker Download.

Numerous other myths and stories make it difficult to pinpoint exactly where poker originated from but we can pinpoint much more accurately the history of poker in the United States. In 1834 Jonathan Green was among the first to refer to poker by naming it the “cheating game” that people played on the riverboats and drudges of Mississippi. He named it poker, hence Online Poker Download.

According to Jonathan, only the tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces were used. In all only twenty cards were used and each player was dealt 5 cards. In addition, it involved two to four gamblers. Soon poker became the most popular game around the docks and the Mississippi riverboats even surpassing the 3-card Monte. Online Poker Download.

It spread like dynamite via New Orleans up stream to Ohio and Mississippi. From there wagon and train carried it further on all over the states. Popular modifications such as the straight, the draw and stud poker became well known. In 1875, the introduction of the joker as the wild card ended the European influence. Online Poker Download.

Many words from various languages crave the distinction of being the father of poker. I have listed a few. Read, compare and have a ball deciding which one could be the one:

  • Online Poker Download word history – poque – an 18th century French word. Many dictionaries and game historians back up this claim. Sound about right? Check out the rest.
  • Online Poker Download word history – pochspiel – a German game, which involves some bluffing and players have to point out if they want to open or pass by banging their knuckles on the table (Ouch!) and repeating “Iche Poche!” Sounds like easy porridge doesn’t it? All those foreign languages are all German to me.
  • Pukka – a Hindu word.
  • Online Poker Download word history – poke – an underworld slang used by pickpockets. Card-sharks may have changed this word to poker to emphasize between themselves that a sucker has arrived. By using the word ‘poker’, these card-sharks could use the word in front of their victims without these poor suckers being aware of it.
  • hocus-pocus – a phrase used by (you guessed it – magicians)

Play on with the current online poker and you too could take part and win big at poker. Sites like PokerStars are a great way to start.

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Online poker tips

If you are looking for online poker strategy tips or guides, you will probably find millions of articles that claim they will teach you a lot, but all they do is take away your time. That’s why we had a small chat with some professionals, and now we can give you strategy tips that work, alongside mistakes that you must avoid at all cost. Even with these tips, practice makes perfect and we would advise using free online casino games to test these tips.

Never play when tired

The online poker strategy tip that is so important is not to pay when tired. Some of you already know that while others will learn in a hard way. When you are tired, your senses and your skills are compromised. You will wait to go to bed, meaning that it is the same for you either you win or lose.

Always start small

This is a tip that makes a huge difference. You will have to start betting small. Why? Because when you do, you will discover the potential of the table you are at. You will also deduce there strong or weak players. It is easy to increase the bet after some time.

When it goes, bet big

One of online poker strategy tips that are strange, yet incredibly useful is to bet big when you are on the winning roll. There are a lot of reasons why this is happening. You may have right cards, the universe is in your, or you have the right balance of the skills needed. But when this happens, bet big time.

Make a perfect balance between work, play and rest

As we have mentioned, you will have to avoid playing when tired. But, this also means that you should find a balance between your regular job, play time and rest time. The better the balance, the better the result will be.

Have the right equipment

Have you ever wondered why professional players never play on smartphones? It’s because they don’t have a great preview or there are a lot of distractions. You should play in such way that the poker game has the main role at the moment. For example, you can disable the avatars that will possibly distract you as you play.

Discover why players are making a specific move

Always stay as focused as possible! This means that you will have to pay close attention to the actions of other players and try to realise why they are doing that! This can make a difference between the winning and losing, so be patient and relax.

The online poker strategy tips we gave you here is all about making you a true winner. Maybe they are completely strange to you, or they are something you already know, but the main goal is to use all of these tips as soon as possible. They make a huge difference in online poker, and they will make a winner out of you.

poker tips for begginers

Check out our riews on Zynga Poker and Party Poker

Poker Playing Time

No, it’s not about the volume of the music you listen to. It’s about the amount of commitment, hard work and time you have to put into playing online poker. Putting all your effort into the game is one of the best tips about online poker. Just like any other game or work, there is no success without any hard work. Once you put your back into the game and work hard you can truly find success in the game. As any pro player, this would be the first thing anyone would say.

Time Management

Managing time is a key tip. Every game or tournament will be under a certain time period. Every move has to be made accurately but thoughtfully. Don’t just make moves like you are shovelling snow. And don’t make others wait by thinking too hard about the move you have to take. Be familiar with how players are managing their time in games. Don’t make the game an all-nighter. Make calculated movements as time moves.

Explore the possibilities of Online Poker

There are always new games and new websites that offer new experiences in poker. Keep an open mind and explore them. Research about various tactics as you are now doing about online poker tips. There is no easy way. You to be able to understand every aspect of the game, the terms and regulations and every loophole.

Always be prepared

Online poker can always be unpredictable. Since the game is all on the web, there is no way of predicting the outcome of a bluff just from looking at the player like in traditional poker. You always have to keep your mind prepared to what that is about to come. The tide can always change. A big swing can sweep you or your opponent off. It is always important that you keep yourselves mentally prepared.

Be Prepared for a long night

A serious online poker game can take hours to finish. So always be prepared to face a long night. Be rested and wait for the game to progress. Since tournaments and championships could take a long time you should prepare for the long hours you are about to put in a game. Full-time players are able to do so since they can rest afterwards. But in cases of part-time players that have to go to work, they should make adjustments.

These are some of the tips on online poker games that can help you familiarise the world of online gaming. Be sure to consider these online poker tips and prepare for your next poker game on the web. Pros became pros by using these tips. Use them wisely and one day who knows you might be the one telling online poker tips.

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