What is Poker?

Since the origins of online poker began as computer games and software began to become popular, read below the origins of poker and enlighten your poker knowldege. No one knows for sure where poker originated from and there are many beliefs and stories. Some say it possibly derived from the Chinese dominoes. And it is said that around 900 A.D. on New Year’s eve, the Chinese emperor Mu-Tsung played ‘domino cards’ with his wife. Sounds like something from Riley’s “Believe It or Not”, doesn’t it?

Others claim that it came from “as nas.” This seventeenth century Persian game is played using special decks of twenty-five cards with five suits. Others swear it’s based on the French “poque”. “Poque” was played by the French in 1480 who settled in New Orleans. This was a card game that involved betting and having to bluff to win. Some say that it was the first time four colours were used: spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. But then again there are hundreds of games that use bluffing and betting. Online Poker Download.

Historians date card fragments to the 12th or 13th century in Egypt. There are others who retort that cards evolved from Ganjifa, an Indian card game. Online Poker Download.

Numerous other myths and stories make it difficult to pinpoint exactly where poker originated from but we can pinpoint much more accurately the history of poker in the United States. In 1834 Jonathan Green was among the first to refer to poker by naming it the “cheating game” that people played on the riverboats and drudges of Mississippi. He named it poker, hence Online Poker Download.

According to Jonathan, only the tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces were used. In all only twenty cards were used and each player was dealt 5 cards. In addition, it involved two to four gamblers. Soon poker became the most popular game around the docks and the Mississippi riverboats even surpassing the 3-card Monte. Online Poker Download.

It spread like dynamite via New Orleans up stream to Ohio and Mississippi. From there wagon and train carried it further on all over the states. Popular modifications such as the straight, the draw and stud poker became well known. In 1875, the introduction of the joker as the wild card ended the European influence. Online Poker Download.

Many words from various languages crave the distinction of being the father of poker. I have listed a few. Read, compare and have a ball deciding which one could be the one:

  • Online Poker Download word history – poque – an 18th century French word. Many dictionaries and game historians back up this claim. Sound about right? Check out the rest.
  • Online Poker Download word history – pochspiel – a German game, which involves some bluffing and players have to point out if they want to open or pass by banging their knuckles on the table (Ouch!) and repeating “Iche Poche!” Sounds like easy porridge doesn’t it? All those foreign languages are all German to me.
  • Pukka – a Hindu word.
  • Online Poker Download word history – poke – an underworld slang used by pickpockets. Card-sharks may have changed this word to poker to emphasize between themselves that a sucker has arrived. By using the word ‘poker’, these card-sharks could use the word in front of their victims without these poor suckers being aware of it.
  • hocus-pocus – a phrase used by (you guessed it – magicians)

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