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Playing online poker can be a rewarding and lucrative experience, but knowing where to start is often confusing. With hundreds of online poker sites offering different types of poker download and no-download poker alternatives, selecting the right online poker site at which to play can be confusing and discouraging – especially if your first encounter with a poker download wizard bewilders you!

Your first attempt at registering a poker account can also be mystifying, with potential players giving up when asked to select a secret question and then remember the name of their first schoolteacher! Often the patience and perseverance that you need to be a successful online poker player is required in order to get up and running. This is where can be a valuable companion.

Think for a moment, now you are in the world of online poker. Every day you are facing new opponents but not winning over any. Why? Mostly this is because of the lack of tips on online poker. Online poker is a world worth exploring there a lot of pro players in the world that you can consider. It will be worth your while if you could listen to the tips these pro players have to offer about online poker. If you don’t have time and is unaware of these online pro player tips don’t worry. Here we have compiled some online poker tips that can make you advance in your next poker game.

About Poker Download

Poker download is a free online poker resource which guides you through the process of downloading online poker games for free. The site´s purpose is to help online poker players through the sometimes confusing progression of performing a poker download, registering an account and starting to play free poker online.

We acknowledge that not everybody is as computer literate as they would like to be. Yet a lot of them would make terrific, profitable players if given the opportunity. Therefore, we explain many of the processes involved in making a poker download, highlight the differences between playing “download” poker and “no download” poker and identify some of the best online poker sites at which to play. If you want to continue right now to the best sites, check our quick list below.

Poker Terminology

Being experienced online poker players ourselves, we once had to perform our first poker download and realise how daunting the prospect can be to somebody unfamiliar with the workings of a computer. Therefore we have attempted to avoid advanced computer terminology and even some poker phraseology wherever possible, as both can sound like foreign languages to the uninitiated.

We have also tried to refrain from reducing the content of this web site to an “idiot´s guide”, as obviously our readers must have some knowledge of how to use a computer in order to find us. Consequently we have aimed to get players wanting to download poker games for free to the point where they can take advantage of the site´s own customer support to resolve any specific problems they encounter in the later stages of a poker download.

Besides from that we also cover topics like the difference between poker bonuses. Find out which kind of bonus suits you best, will it be an instant one, a regular first deposit bonus, or should you prefer a no deposit poker bonus. You can find all information on our poker bonus page.

Before You Start

There are certain things you will need to know about your computer before you start a poker download. The first is which operating system your computer runs on. Most PCs work on a Windows operating system but others also use Mac, Linux or Morph. The majority of free poker downloads provide software which is compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems, and those which do not often provide a “no download” poker games option (also known as “Flash”) which can be played in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc).

Most online poker sites publish a list of “system requirements”. These relate to the minimum computer specifications your computer should have in order to complete a poker download and play free online poker on the site. In reality, most computers less than five years old will easily be able to cope with any poker download you choose. Newer computers will far exceed the recommended system requirements to maximise your free online poker experience.

We made a separate page where all downloads are categorised, by operating system, by poker room, by country since not all poker sites accept US players, by game variation and more. You can check it out in our full list of poker downloads.

Other Things to Consider

As the goal for playing online poker games is to win money, it is important that you have a gateway to withdraw funds back to the source from which you made your initial poker deposit. In order to do this you will need to provide your chosen online poker site with details about yourself to confirm your identity and convince them that you are not engaging in money laundering (they are very tight on security!).

Not all online poker sites will conduct the verification process through the mail. It is ideal if you have access to a scanner, or can have somebody you know scan a copy of your passport and a utility bill with your address on it for later use. You do not have to verify your account when you first perform a poker download, but you always should have an exit strategy in place!

Still Want to Download Poker Games?

If you still want to take advantage of the many free poker downloads, and download online poker games to your computer, take your time to read through our thoughtfully prepared web site and determine which is the best online poker site for you. Many of the sites on offer trial games of poker where you can test your skills with play money chips before committing to real money games, and this is how many of today´s leading online poker players first got started.

If you are already an experienced online poker player, and are looking for an alternative site to flex your poker muscles, our poker download pages should still be of interest to you with information relating to the integrity of each site and maybe some software features you were not previously aware of. Enjoy!

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