Zynga Poker

How many times have you heard of Zynga poker? Probably a million times. This provides the best-known for Farmville, but now they are becoming more and more popular in the world of poker. Review Zynga poker should help you understand why this provider should be at least tried.

Zynga Poker Welcome bonus

The sad truth is that here we can’t see any regular form of a bonus. There is no bonus for new players. Keep in mind that this poker is based on fun only and there is no ability to use real cash (If you like the kind of poke games which dont pay real cash perhaps check out Strip Poker online). On the other hand, there is a VIP program. What it refers to is that new players will be able to advance during the gameplay. It is presented in points. For example, the entry-level rank is Sapphire, and it is available until you get more than 2000 points. The last level is Black Diamond, but you will need 2.5 million points.

This program offers advantages which are similar to the bonuses. As such, those with higher levels are welcomed to buy coins, chips, and gifts at more affordable rates.

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Zynga Poker Games

Despite the fact Zynga is a well-known game provider, they offer just one type of game when it comes to poker. All you can play here is Texas Hold’em, and there is no ability to play any other version.

However, this may be an advantage for some players who like this form of poker. It is also the most popular of them all, so the chances are high that you will find this somewhat irrelevant matter than a real drawback. The game comes with latest graphics, and it has all the features you are going to need. But, the graphics aren’t as polished as other providers offer. We can even add that the graphics are more entry-level than you may believe.

There are two types of tournaments here. The first one is Shootout Multi-Table Tournaments which has three rounds, and you can skip all of them if you like. Of course, you will use gold to do that. The prize here is $500.000. The second type is Sit N Go tournaments. The buy-ins are different so are the prizes.

Zynga Poker Online

Zynga Poker Advantages

The Review Zynga poker must reveal all the advantages of the site. First, there is a slow pace here, which is desirable for beginners and those who want to relax. It is also less stressful than some other sites you can visit.

The Zynga poker is available on any device and online, so you can play whenever and however you want. It is up to you. The last is the supported payment advantage. You can use PayPal, Visa, Master, etc. Almost all popular deposit methods are available.

Zynga Poker Drawbacks

As you may believe, the biggest drawback is the number of available games. Here you get one only, and it is Texas Hold’em. There is no information which states when or will other games be added.

The second drawback is the graphics of the game. It is decent but far from great. Anyway, this poker provider will have a lot to work on their game.

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