PKR Poker

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of gambling. PKR Poker is the place for you. The thrill of risking your money and the possibility you might win a small fortune in just a few minutes creates a unique sensation produced by few other experiences. Your heart races, your mind grows acutely focused, and you can’t believe how much fun you’re having.

Online poker comes in many forms, but video poker is perhaps the most popular. Even in Las Vegas, you play video poker against only a computer, with no other players involved. So it’s easy to take the game online. In fact, why would you take the trouble of visiting a casino to play against a computer when you have one at home?

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

500MHz processor


Sound Card

SVGA Graphics Card

Yahoo Poker Download.

PKR Poker is no longer availabe. Instead check out our Poker Bonus page for the latest online poker sites.

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