Red Kings Poker

Red Kings Poker is one of the fastest growing poker gaming companies on the internet – for very good reasons. They offer one of the biggest sign up incentives in online poker. New players can receive a 50% deposit bonus up to $500. Red Kings Poker download.

Red Kings Poker Rewards Program

The Red Kings Poker Rewards Program is a loyalty incentive program whereby depositing players are awarded points for hands played, deposits received, and tournament buy-in fees. Once a player has made $100 (min.) in deposits and/or have played 500 (min.) hands they will be mailed their unique Red Kings Poker download Rewards Card . The AR Card will allow players to take advantage of special offers by including their AbsolutePoker number which can be found on their AR Card.

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Points are awarded to players as follows:

  • 4 points for every dollar deposited.
  • 1 point for every hand played in a REAL money ring card game with a limit of $2/$4 or lower that has collected at least the minimum rake ($.25).
  • 2 points for every hand played in a real money ring card game with a limit of $3/$6 or higher that has collected at least the minimum rake ($.25).
  • 4 points for every dollar in tournament buy-in ($10 + $1 tournament would earn 2 points)
  • ARP Tourneys award points to the winners.

Red Kings Poker download

Red Kings Poker download is dedicated to providing players from around the world. Although the long term payback is 100.15% with accurate play, this is a very volatile game due to so much of the payback being concentrated in the four-of-a-kind payoffs.. The 9/6 version pays only 97.5% and should be avoided. Double Bonus Poker Download. If you recall, the two pair hands account for over 25% of the payback in Jacks or Better. The push on two pair in Double Bonus is more than made up payback-wise by the bonuses on quads, but it results in very high short term cost while waiting for quads.

Red Kings Poker Bonus

In this variation (Double Bonus Poker Download), the Red Kings Poker bonus payoffs for four A’s, 2’s, 3’s or 4’s is doubled if the “kicker” (the fifth card) is an ace, 2, 3 or 4. Naturally, the casinos rarely give you something for nothing, and in this case it is the Full House, Flush and Straight hands whose payoffs are cut to 9/6/4. The net result is a maximum payback of 98.8%. Double Bonus Poker Download. It’s okay for a short play for the fun of a possible nice mini-jackpot, but it generally should be avoided where better playing games are available. The strategy, which is fairly simple relative to Double Bonus, is given in Video Poker Times issue 6.2.

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