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WPT Poker Trainer App Released

Posted on by Kevin Mace

WPT Poker Trainer AppThe WPT Poker Trainer App teaches poker players to make more optimal decisions. The app is now available for download through the iTunes store.

The WPT Poker Trainer app has just been made available for those mobile poker players who use iPads, iPhones, and the iPod Touch. Players who wish to download this application can do so from the iTunes store.

You can download the WPT Poker Trainer for free here on  iTunes, as are the sample hands that come with it. Those players who wish to try out other specialized Texas Hold’em hands can choose to purchase them after trying out the sample hands.

When using the application, the hand being played looks like a regular online or mobile poker hand. The graphics are crisp and clear, and the app is easy to navigate. The difference between playing out a hand using the WPT Poker Trainer app and playing a regular hand of poker is that the bettering options are somewhat limited.

The reason that players have limited betting choices when using this poker training app is that they need to choose from one of the available options, after which they will receive feedback as to whether the choice made was the optimum choice or not. The feedback will not only tell a player whether they have made an optimal play or not, it also comes with a detailed explanation of why the choice was optimal or not.

Players who wish to use this app can currently purchase four hand packs. There is also a sample pack that comes with give hands. Once players have mastered the lessons from the initial hand packs that are available, they will be able to purchase more hand packs as they are released. At this time, WPT Poker Trainer has plans to release new packs each month. Players can choose to purchase the hand packs that will help them in specific areas of poker. The hand packs that are currently available are Continuation Betting, Odds, Pre-Flop Play, and there is also a Bonus Pack.

When using the WPT Poker Trainer application, players earn Pro Coins when they make optimal plays in the sample hands. These Pro Coins are useful because they release content from the Bonus Pack, giving players additional poker training.