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PokerStars is the undisputed king of the online poker rooms, with tens of millions of PokerStars downloads performed since the first PokerStars site opened in September 2001. Over the past decade, and the country specific PokerStars sites have contributed to the scenario whereby PokerStars regularly has as many players online as all the other online poker sites combined. In December 2011 the site hosted a multi player poker tournament which attracted 200,000 buy-ins. PokerStars also holds the record for the most valuable online poker tournament ever played, which had a prize pool in excess of $12 million dollars.

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PokerStars Download for Windows

The PokerStars download for Windows is a quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer. If you get stuck (or would like some more advice before you proceed) a three minute video is hosted next to the “Play Poker” button which guides you through the installation process.

  • Visit the PokerStars web site and click on “Play Poker”. Despite what is written on the PokerStars web site, always save the download file (rather than “running” it) to avoid file corruption during the PokerStars download process.
  • When the PokerStars set up window appears, you have the option of changing the PokerStars download language, and thereafter you will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions of using the PokerStars download.
  • Once you click on “I agree” a new window appears which asks whether you would like the “Express” installation or the “Custom” installation. There is no difference between the two in terms of the PokerStars download except for the options of desktop shortcuts, browser toolbar buttons and a quick launch facility. All will be included in the express installation and can be removed at a later date when they get on your nerves.
  • Once you make your choice and click on “Install”, the PokerStars download wizard installs the PokerStars software and once the installation is complete, you will be asked to click on “Finish” (Uncheck the “Launch PokerStars” box if you are not yet ready to register your account).

PokerStars Account Registration

Once the PokerStars download is complete and the client is launched, the first screen you will see is the main lobby. At the top of the lobby, there is a row of menu items (L-R “Lobby”, “Account”, “Cashier”, “Language”, “Requests”, “Options”, “View” and “Help”). Click on “Account” and then “Create New Account” in the drop down menu. Practically everything except your username can be changed at a later date, but it is also important that you enter a correct email address to receive your validation code (and a welcome email from Liv Boeree!). The other questions you will be asked for during the simple PokerStars account registration are:-

  • Username
  • Password
  • Select a Table Image (optional)
  • Personal Information (full name should appear the same as your intend poker deposit method)
  • Confirm that you are 18 years of age or over

PokerStars then want to find out how you heard about them – please select Marketing code and fill in PokerStars Marketing codepsa3741” in the box provided. You will then be asked to read and accept the “End User License Agreement”. This is different from the terms and conditions of the PokerStars download that you read and agreed to earlier, so please read this agreement as well before continuing. Finally, the account creation process will ask you to prove you are not a robot by completing the “Visual Verification” code. Please note this box is case sensitive and usually all capitals.

You will then be sent a validation code by email and, once you open the email, you should click on the link to complete the PokerStars download and registration process.

Funding Your PokerStars Account

You can, at this point, simply use the PokerStars download for play money games without any further information being entered, but if you are serious about playing poker for profit you will want to make your first PokerStars deposit.

At the bottom right hand side of the PokerStars lobby, there is a large red “Cashier” button. By entering the cashier you can make deposits, requests withdrawals and change the currency of your account to the one in which you wish to make your poker deposits and withdrawals (to save on foreign exchange charges made by your bank).

Unlike most other sites, PokerStars counts your first three deposits towards your 100% match first deposit bonus, so there is no need to max out your credit card or invest more than you can comfortably afford on your first PokerStars deposit.

PokerStars Download for Mac

PokerStars also offers a poker download for Mac which is identical to the poker download for Windows. Some players are also able to complete the PokerStars download on their Linux operating systems using the open source program WINE (you can get the software on the official WINE download page to enable your poker download for Linux). PokerStars does not offer a PokerStars “no download” software option, but many of the tutorials and a PokerStars Software Manual are available from the web site to save space of the PokerStars download files.

PokerStars Download System Requirements

The PokerStars download for Windows performs on all versions of the Windows software from Windows 95 and above, and on all versions of the Mac operating system from 10.4.10. The WINE 1.2.3 release currently available for Linux users is compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

PokerStars Download

for Windows

for MacIntosh






Operating System Windows 95 Windows XP+ Mac OS X 10.4.10 Mac OS X 10.6+
Processor 100MHz Pentium 333MHz Pentium Power PC G4 Power PC G5
Memory 96Mb RAM 256Mb RAM 512Mb RAM 124Mb RAM
Disc Space 20Mb 60Mb 60Mb 100Mb
Screen Resolution 800×600 1024×768 800×600 1024×768

Most modern personal computers will have the recommended PokerStars download requirements but, if you are intending to play on an old laptop, it is best to check that the machine is up to it before starting the PokerStars download. It is always in your best interests to play online poker on a dedicated ADSL connection rather than using a dial-up Internet service.

PokerStars Download Summary

There is no better online poker site on which to play poker than PokerStars. Despite not being available to players from the USA, PokerStars continues to grow and reward players with superb promotions and qualifiers into fantastic live events. There are games at all stake levels for all standards of online poker players, and cash rewards for those who play regularly and collect Frequent Player Points.

PokerStars has developed a reputation for fairness and integrity and has excellent customer support should you encounter any problems. The PokerStars download may take a little longer to complete because of the comprehensive terms and conditions, but it is tribute to the site´s player security that there is a high level of satisfaction among players who have taken advantage to play poker on PokerStars.