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Merge Poker is developing into one of the largest online poker networks in the world but, like all “associations”, some of its members are better than others – think of the European Union if you need an example! When compiling the list of our best Merge Poker sites, we considered the first deposit poker bonus, how easy it was to redeem and whether it was worth staying on the site for the other promotions once the first deposit poker bonus had been cleared.

About the Merge Poker Network

The Merge Poker Network is the fastest growing poker network in the world. Conservative estimates claim that the volume of cash players playing at online poker sites affiliated to the Merge Poker Network has leapt by more than 90 per cent in the past twelve months and, although some of the increase can be attributed to its “US poker players allowed” policy, there a number of reasons why this has happened.

Merge Poker Promises Faster Payouts

Online poker players are a shrewd bunch. They like their good first deposit poker bonus and ongoing rakeback, but they also want to be sure that they can get their hands on their cash once they have finished grinding away at the tables. Sadly, Merge Poker developed a reputation for slow payments when they just could not cope with the influx of players following Black Friday in April 2011.

For a while Merge Poker´s “US poker players allowed” policy meant that they were swamped with new registrations, and a temporary hiatus on players from the States was announced in order to allow Merge Poker to sort out their payment processing problems. In October 2011 the doors were opened once again to US poker players and, with a payment system designed to cope with a database on online poker players which had nearly doubled, Merge Poker now promises faster payouts to its clients.

Choice of Games

However, Merge Poker has not just grown by default because of its “US poker players allowed” policy – if this were true, every other network admitting poker players from the US would also have grown by the same rate. Skins on the Merge Poker Network encourage new players to register with a significant first deposit poker bonus and then keep them hooked with loyalty programs – some of which offer daily payments of rakeback at rates of up to 35%.

However, for the recreational player, one of the attractions of the Merge Poker Network is the choice of games on offer. Rather than restricting online poker players to the standard offering of Texas Hold´em, Omaha and Stud, skins on the Merge Poker Network are able to offer their clients alternatives such as Razz, 5 Card Draw, Badugi and Triple Draw – and not just as cash games, as multi table poker tournaments are hosted for these rarely seen poker disciplines.

Merge Poker Download

Another area in which the Merge Poker Network stands out is in the provision of a poker download for Mac. Many online poker sites offering a poker download for Mac fail to recreate the full game play experience which is available on the poker download for Windows – indeed many sites ignore Mac poker players altogether and fob them off with a far inferior “Instant Play” option.

Irrespective of whether online poker player choose the Merge Poker download for Windows or Mac, they can be sure that the software will not take over their computers and make it impossible to perform any other function while playing online poker on the Merge Poker Network.

Merge Poker Download

for Windows

for MacIntosh






Operating System Windows 98 Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5 Mac OS X 10.6
Processor 400MHzPentium 1GHz Pentium Power PC G4 Intel x86
Memory 128Mb RAM 256Mb RAM 128Mb RAM 256Mb RAM
Disc Space 30Mb 60Mb 50Mb 100Mb
Screen Resolution 800×600 1024×768 800×600 1024×768

Their Gaming Network

In addition to the online poker, Merge also supports a gaming network. The side games can be found in the “Casino” tab of the poker client – once players have completed the Merge Poker download – and include blackjack, roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker and a range of video poker games. Although hard-nosed poker aficionados may frown at the thought of engaging in “gambling” between poker games, the option to kill five minutes before a tournament starts or sit and go table fills up is welcome for many.

Overall, the Merge Gaming Network – whether it is online poker that draws you to the tables or the casino – offers plenty for players who register an account with one of its skins. An increasing database of players has elevated Merge Poker to the third largest poker network in the world and, with possible regulation in the States leading to more freedom for US poker players, the network could grow further still!