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Our Poker Download site provides some of the most extensive information about online poker sites, poker downloads, poker deposits and poker bonuses on the web. However, to farm through every article in order to find the one piece of knowledge that you require can be long winded and keep you away from the tables – and therefore potentially expensive as well!

Consequently, we have grouped articles of a specific theme together in order to give you quick access to exactly what you want to know. Click on any of the categories to be taken to the page most relevant to the information you are looking for, or use our “Quick Start” links below to go straight to selected online poker sites which we consider the best for your particular area of interest.

Poker Downloads for Choice of Games

The purpose of wanting to find online poker sites with the widest choice of games is that not everybody wants to play Texas Hold´em. Many players who have been unable to excel in the world´s most popular form of poker have found success in the likes of Omaha, Stud Poker or 5 Card Draw. Many others prefer the mixed poker games in which the disciplines change every level, games in which a second pot is in play for the low hands such as Omaha Hi Lo and Stud Hi Lo, or games in which only the lowest value cards win – such as Badugi, Razz and 2-7 Triple Draw.

Downloads by Poker Game Variation:

  • 7 Card Stud Poker Download
  • Omaha Poker Download
  • Razz Poker Download

Poker Downloads for Bonuses

Poker bonuses are the headline attraction to an online poker site for many recreational players, but how easy are the online poker bonuses to convert into cash? If a site was to offer you a substantial poker bonus, but there were strings attached to how long you had in order to redeem the bonus and then how many times you had to turn the poker bonus over before you could withdraw the funds, it may be more suitable to attempt a smaller poker bonus which is more realistic to attain.

Poker Downloads for Your Operating System

Got a Mac? A Linux? Or do you have to use a Windows emulator to be able to play poker online? What about all those sites that say they offer a poker download for your operating system, but in reality you have to play no download poker in your web browser? We supply details of the sites that provide a genuine like-for-like poker download for Mac and how you can maximise your playing experience if you have a Linux operating system, with all the system requirements included as well.

Our OS Related Poker Download Pages:

Poker Downloads for US Players

Inasmuch as poker players in the US will be interested in finding poker downloads from sites which accept American players, so will many other players from the rest of the world. One significant benefit for a European poker player playing on a poker site that accepts players from the US is that when they just get out of bed in the morning, players from the US are tired, and quite often the most lucrative time to play online poker is just after breakfast

Poker Downloads by Country / Region:

  • UK Poker Download
  • US Poker Download
  • European Poker Download

Specific Poker Site Specific Download Pages

Our guides to poker downloads are site specific, and not only give you instructions on how to perform the poker downloads, but instructions on how to register your account and why it is important that you verify your account as soon as possible after the registration process. We also provide details of the features and benefits of playing poker at a specific online poker site and some information about the type of player you might find at the tables and when.

Here is our list of poker download instructions per site:

Poker Downloads for Cash Games

Cash games are the most popular way of playing poker. You can join a table when you want and leave when you want. You can play one, two, four or twenty-four tables at a time, provided the poker download supports that many tables, and earn the requirements to clear your bonus in super-quick time. Some online poker sites do not provide full access to their cash games through their web browser version of the software, and a poker download for cash games may be necessary if you want to play selected games of online poker for cash.

Poker Downloads for Sit n Gos

Similarly to the cash games/web browser issue, not all sites provide a full service for sit n go games of poker. Poker downloads for sit n gos are necessary if you want to compete in the “Double or Nothing”, “Heads-Up” and “Bounty/Knockout” sit n go tournaments, or if you want to take advantage of an online poker site´s “Steps” program to qualify for more prestigious online and live event tournaments.

  • SNG Download
  • Knockout Poker Download
  • Double or Nothing Download

Poker Downloads for Poker Tournaments

As previously mentioned, online poker sites host qualifying routes for valuable online and live event tournaments and, without a full software poker download you may be unable to get into some of the satellite tournaments which represent excellent value for many players. Importantly for newcomers to the world of online poker, you may also find yourself excluded from the freeroll tournaments – not just a (difficult) way of building a poker bankroll from scratch, but the source of some valuable online tournament poker experience before you mix it up with the big boys.

  • Poker Tournament Download
  • Best Freeroll Tournament Downloads