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Poker Pros Struggle at Full Tilt Poker This Month

Posted on by Kevin Mace

Full Tilt LogoSeveral poker pros who played at Full Tilt Poker since it reopened in November, saw a run of bad luck at the tables, with a collective loss of over $3 million.

It seems that it’s not only Full Tilt Poker which is struggling with a drop in numbers this month. With the news that there has been a 40% reduction in the number of players who walked through the site’s virtual doors since November 6th, three representatives of the site, namely Tom Dwan, Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen have been seriously bled at the tables by their opponents.

The biggest loser by far has been Gus Hansen, who saw his bankroll down a sorry $2.2 million. Tom Dwan also didn’t do too badly in the losses department and said goodbye to $780,000, while the 22 year old Swede, Viktor Blom was down ‘only’ $320,000.

Tom Dwan, well known for his erratic high stakes games and his passion for going all out against his rivals, lost most of his millions over the course of a single week as he played 2-7 Triple Draw against the 25 year old Ben ‘Sauce1234’ Sulsky of New Hampshire.

Pros Hammer Each other at Full Tilt Poker

Tired from losing against Sulsky, Dwan has now turned his attention to Blom, and the two squared off in a no-limit hold ‘em challenge with a $200,000 pot on Thursday. It seems that the higher the stakes, the hotter the action at Full Tilt Poker, providing plenty of entertainment for Twitter followers and the site’s poker audience.

Blom also needs to get his act together in order to make back the millions he made – and lost – dominating the no limit hold ‘em tables in the past. Down a total of $3 million during his career at Full Tilt Poker, Blom’s presence at Full Tilt Poker this past month has definitely been felt as he fights to get back on a roll.

The biggest winner at FTP since its relaunch has been the Finnish Ilari Samahies who won a single $457,945 pot when he played pot-limit Omaha against Sulsky this month.