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Party Poker Number 2 in Traffic Rankings

Posted on by Kevin Mace

Party PokerThere was a huge shake-up in this week’s poker rankings as Party Poker took the number 2 spot in worldwide online poker traffic. This is after Bwin players migrated from the Ongame Network.

Since Full Tilt was re-launched in November 6th, Party Poker was stuck at fourth place. In yesterday’s numbers, According to an alert at PokerScout, Party Poker got a 45% increase in traffic. This gives them a huge leap over the Full Tilt and iPoker networks into the second position. Fans are now waiting to see whether they will be able to maintain their number 2 spot or even get a leap to first place in the long term. They seem to have a good chance at this since Full Tilt has been experiencing a gradual decrease in their cash game traffic.

Full Tilt re-launched last month and were able to leapfrog into second place; holding the same position they had before Black Friday. Close behind was their sister site PokerStars. The two-digit cash game decline that has been witnessed over the last four weeks has seen Full Tilt’s player numbers fall by 56% since they peaked and re-opened their doors.

The announcement of Bwin players moving to Party Poker was made long ago and it was scheduled to happen before the end of the year. The Bwin Poker site informed players on Monday that the website would experience a brief downtime during the migration. The transition has now fully taken place. The Bwin website now has a new message stating We’re Back! Bigger and Better!.

On the Party Poker site, there are different improvements, including a larger player base. Their selections in tournament action are also much better.

Meanwhile, the Ongame Network has experienced a natural decrease caused by Bwin’s exit. Currently, Ongame is ranked 10th worldwide. The loss to Bwin may push it out of the top 10.

Last week, there was a 1.3% drop in overall player traffic in the online poker industry. Much of this was attributed to Full Tilt. In the same pattern, Party Poker also had a 4% traffic reduction. This was after a previous 10% increase in traffic a week before that; attributed to the Advent Calendar promotion. It is projected that Party Poker may firmly hold the no. 2 ranking, especially if Full Tilt continues losing player traffic.

For a considerable amount of time, Party Poker maintained the number one slot in player traffic. This was before the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was enacted in 2006. The poker room then left the U.S. market at their own will, consequently losing its number one position to PokerStars. Currently, PokerStars has an approximately 6 to 1 ratio in cash game players over its new closest competitor, Party Poker.

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