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Merge CEO Tailor Resigns and Bad Beat Jackpot Discontinued

Posted on by Kevin Mace

Merge Poker Network logoNews about Merge Gaming Network includes the resignation of Anthony Tailor, their Chief Executive Officer, and the announcement that Carbon Poker, part of Merge, will no longer be offering the Bad Beat Jackpot. The Tailor resignation has been reported by various sources but neither Merge nor Tailor have commented on it. The decision by Carbon Poker to cut the Bad Beat Jackpot once it has been hit again was made directly by the site.

Tailor, who prior to going to Merge had worked in various gaming areas at numerous companies including The Sportsman, The Racing Post and Wagerworks Poker Room, became Merge CEO in April 2007. During his time with Merge, the network expanded its poker rooms, created a new gaming platform and created various innovative promotions, including the Bad Beat Jackpot. When Tailor joined Merge there were only a handful of active rooms; now the company has a few dozen poker venues.

Recently, Merge updated its software, which proved to be an on-again, off-again venture heralded by numerous short-term shutdowns. Perhaps the biggest hit to Merge came when Lock Poker, one of its most popular rooms, left the network. At the same time, Lock Poker switched over to a vibrant new room.

The decision to no longer run the Bad Beat Jackpot, which helped to make Carbon Poker very popular, was announced just the other day. The jackpot, which presently stands at a bit under $330,000, will be won one more time and the monies divided up. Once that happens, the promotion will be shut down.

Normally when the jackpot is hit, 20% is used to re-seed the next Bad Beat Jackpot. This time that 20% will be awarded as part of the jackpot. For the jackpot to be won the losing player must hold quad sevens or better and both hole cards must be in play. The winning hand must be quad eights or better and both hole cards must also be in play. The losing player receives 50% of the jackpot, the winner 30% and others who were dealt hole cards divide the remaining 20%. The jackpot was only available on ring games.

A rep from Carbon Poker named CarbonRyan who was logged onto the TwoPlusTwo forum fielded questions from poker players and explained why the site would no longer offer their popular Bad Beat Jackpot.

CarbonRyan commented,

We have made the decision, after some long analytical review of the BBJ Tables, to remove them completely…. This change is to ensure a healthier poker room ecology, while providing players with a better ring game selection and increased players at the stakes the BBJ tables use to be.

It’s unknown how this will affect Carbon Poker. It may send ring players to other rooms that offer bad beat jackpots. Early this year the Merge Network made history when the Bad Beat Jackpot was hit for over $1 million. That garnered a lot of press and helped focus eyes on the network’s various poker rooms. It will be interesting to see what now happens with the resignation of Tailor and the decision to omit the Bad Beat promotion.