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Merge and Carbon Poker Announcements Cause Mixed Feelings

Posted on by Kevin Mace

Merge and Carbon Poker Announcements Cause Mixed Feelings2013 has started with a mixture of hot and cold in the poker scene. This is due to a mixture of good and bad news that has befallen the industry.

There is one dented poker network which has made a move that is considered unwise by many players. On the other hand, there is some great news from one of the top online poker rooms.

The Bad News – Merge Introducing an Expiry Date on Coupons

The bad news comes from the Merge Gaming Network. They quietly announced a “Use By” date on their tournament coupons that were won in  buy-in events and promotional freerolls.

This has stirred an uproar and the network is getting a lot of criticism in top poker forums. This news comes barely a month after Merge Gaming Network dealt a big blow when Black Chip Poker switched to the Winning Poker Network.

So what’s the expiry date? Well, from 1st January, 2013, all the coupons described above will have a 90 day “use by” period. Failure to use them within the 90 days will lead to automatic expiration.

This rule will apply to both the players who will get the coupons in 2013 and those who got them in 2012. Those who have unused 2012 coupons will still be given a maximum of 90 days into this New Year. This means that by the end of March, any unused 2012 coupon meeting the above criteria will also automatically expire.

A Ray of Hope for Merge Players

Do the Merge Players have any hope? There is some little hope for Merge players since the Poker Maximus IV is planned for February this year. According to different sources, this huge poker event will be held on 27th February. This will provide a great opportunity for players on Merge poker sites to use their coupons.

What’s more, there are ongoing discussions on the creation of the Poker Minimus Series. Should it be approved, winners of lower stakes coupons will also get a chance to cash in on their rewards. Dates for these events are still undisclosed and we will avail them immediately they are announced.

The Good News – Carbon Poker Becomes the First to Spark off a Series of Promos

Carbon Poker, which has been gaining a lot of popularity due to their intense promotions, has started off with a bang by announcing several of their signature promotions. These have been well received by their players, who consider them a fantastic New Year gift. Below is a breakdown of the different promotions that have been either launched or extended.

1. Initial Deposit Bonus – Carbon Poker players still have the opportunity to cash in on the huge 200% up to $5000 deposit bonus. This can be attained by entering the coupon code CARBONPK when making the first deposit. This recently increased bonus is currently the highest value bonus in the poker industry.

2. Poker Maximus Freeroll Giveaway – As mentioned above, the long awaited Poker Maximus IV series is slated for February this year. Carbon Poker was quick to announce a giveaway of 500 coupons that will grant entry to this grand event. The coupons will be given in a major freeroll tournament that is scheduled for 27th January. They will be awarded to the top 500 finishers.

3. Two-A-Days – Micro-stakes players have not been sidelined by Carbon Poker. They stand to benefit from the promotion dubbed “Two-A-Days”. Here, for one calendar month they earn 2 VIP points daily; granting access to the $1000 freeroll slated for the second Saturday of the next month. Note that, to benefit from this promotion, a player has to opt-in through his or her admin page.

4. Carbon Poker Reload Bonus – Poker players love reload bonuses. Carbon Poker knows this and has set up a 50% up to $250 reload bonus. This applies to deposits that will be made by latest January 18th midnight. Players should use the Carbon Poker bonus code “2013PK” to access this offer.

5. Free Seat Giveaway – Carbon Poker players who earn more than 100 Points in any given week are automatically eligible to participate in a freeroll that will be held on Saturday the next week. The top 100 will get $109 coupons to the Sunday Big Ticket  ($100,000 Guaranteed!).

Bottom Line

A new year always paves way for new beginnings. The poker scene is not excluded in this rule. People are still waiting to see if there will be any great news that will come from Merge Gaming to save them from the big blows that they have dealt in recent weeks. On the other hand, Carbon Poker has raised the bar in terms of New Year’s gifts to players. Just like in a game of poker, players hold their breath to see what happens next in other major poker rooms. Stay tuned to our website and you’ll be the first to know!