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Lock Poker Issues Apology over Deposit Errors

Posted on by Kevin Mace

Lock PokerLock Poker representatives have gone online to issue a public apology regarding the issues many clients encountered when depositing on Lock Poker last week.

Technical issues with payment processing procedures resulted in several players on Lock Poker seeing payments being deducted from their funding source but not being credited to their online balances. The issue was compounded by a slow response to the problem by Customer Support who were in the process of training up new members of the support team at the time.

In a reaction to the public uproar at the situation, Shane Bridges – Director of Affiliate Marketing at Lock Poker – went onto the twoplustwo forum to address the concerns of players who had been affected by the technical issues, apologise for the deposit errors and also comment on the server crash which left many players unable to participate in the network feature tournament last Sunday.

Statements on the past weeks problems.

There were multiple threads on the 3 main issues that plagued us this week so rather than trying to post in all of the separate threads I thought I would create one central post now that I have responses to all the problems.

Sunday tournaments crash
Unfortunately there were some technical issues encountered and we’d like to assure all of you that addressing these issues has been the top priority for Lock/Revolution Network staff this week. The issues were strictly server related and certainly didn’t involve anything malicious as has been suggested in this thread. We never like to see players inconvenienced by technical problems and we’d like to apologise to everyone for the difficulties.

Custom support response times
I can happily confirm the posts that have been floating around about the massive expansion of the support team to finally be able to properly meet the support load. I’m told they are training now and will come online 22nd of July. We are giving them a period to get things a little more under control and will then launch full live chat support from the 1st of September.

Deposits not credited
We have discovered a technical issue where the system passes over a failed transaction message on successful deposits. This is happening with 5-10 deposits a day. We are working with the processor to eliminate the problem and we have put real time reporting in place so we can find and deal with these problems proactively. In the meantime, we are working through all known issues. And please continue to send them our way.

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