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Full Tilt Poker Announces its FTOPS XXIII Schedule

Posted on by Kevin Mace

Full TiltOn August 4th Full Tilt Poker will kick off its semi-annual offering of tournaments.

Full Tilt Poker is known for catering to the action junkie, and 2013 will prove to be no exception. Starting on August 4th, the site will play host to a series of 39 tournaments, many of which will feature unconventional and wild formats. All together, the prize pool for the 23rd Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) is guaranteed to reach at least $8 million. But if recent history is any indicator, there should be a massive overlay.

Many of the events will feature Full Tilt specific innovations. For starters, there will be a slew of re-entry and multi-entry tournaments. As ridiculous as it may sound, multi-entry tournaments allow players to multi-table the same tournament. Because two of a player’s entries cannot be seated at the same table, if the player has more entries than tables available, his or her chip stacks are merged. Alternatively, re-entry tournaments allow players to buy back in one or more times after busting out. Both formats are designed to bloat the prize pool.

New events for 5 Card PLO, 6 Card PLO and 5 Card Stud have also been added. There are even events for games for poker players have ever heard of like Courchevel and Irish.

There will also be five Rush tournaments. Another Full Tilt innovation, Rush Poker allows players to jump from table to table immediately after folding or winning the hand. It allows for a significantly higher ratio of hands played per hour.

As always, there are a bunch of incentives for playing in the FTOPS. For starters, anyone who manages to make a final table will be rewarded with an FTOPS jacket. Winners receive a custom FTOPS avatar and a gold FTOPS jersey. There will also be an FTOPS leaderboard, with 1st place winning entry into all FTOPS XXIV events, a custom avatar and other prizes.

The main event is a $650 re-entry tournament – not the biggest we’ve seen, but still potentially juicy. Players who bust before late reg. ends will be able to buy back in. The prize pool for the main event is $1.5m guaranteed.

In September, those too poor to enter an FTOPS event will be given the chance to play in the Mini FTOPS. The Mini FTOPS schedule is roughly equivalent to its big brother, but the average buy-in is only 1/10th as high. The Mini FTOPS kicks off on September 8th, about two weeks after the conclusion of FTOPS XXIII.

If you are not playing on Full Tilt yet, check our review here for more details.