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Full Tilt Poker

If you like online poker sites where there is always something going on, you will love Full Tilt. Stacks of action, stacks of promotions and stacks of opportunities exist at Full Tilt – not least the fantastic 100% first deposit bonus up to $600.00. If you are new to online poker or a recreational poker player, you will be hard pressed to find a more suitable option than Full Tilt.

A Short Introduction to Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker was originally launched in 2004 – just at the right time to catch the online poker boom and the post-UIGEA exit from the States of many of its leading competitors. Using outrageous promotions and a comprehensive sponsorship program, Full Tilt Poker grew to be one of the leading online poker sites in the world.

In the fallout from Black Friday in 2011, it became apparent that the running of Full Tilt had been mismanaged and the site collapsed. It was bought out by Rational Enterprises (the parent company of PokerStars), who have since developed Full Tilt into a more sustainable operation while still maintaining many of the features of the original product – including the industry leading software.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus

The poker bonus offered by Full Tilt is a 100% match on first deposits up to $600.00. There is no specific Full Tilt bonus code needed to take advantage of this offer, although players have to “opt-in” to the offer (through the player admin section of the poker client) before they can start clearing it. If players fail to opt-in within sixty days of making their first deposit at Full Tilt, the bonus is forfeited.

The rate at which the bonus is released is also a little unique. For first deposits of up to $200.00, the bonus is released in units of 10%. So, for example, if you were to deposit $150.00 the Full Tilt poker bonus would be released into your account in ten increments of $15.00. If your first deposit is more than $200.00, the bonus will be released in increments of $20.00, up to a maximum of $600.00.

Clearing the Poker Bonus

For many years, the Full Tilt bonus has been considered one of the easiest first deposit bonuses to clear. Player are awarded Full Tilt Points (FTPs) at a rate of up to 10 per dollar paid in rake or paid to enter a poker tournament (*). The bonus is cleared at a rate of 25 FTPs per dollar; so, to release a $15.00 increment of the Full Tilt poker bonus, a player will need to collect (25 x 15) 375 FTPs.

Players have sixty days after opting into the Full Tilt poker bonus to clear the bonus or as much of it as possible, and your progress can be monitored through the “My Promotions” section of the Full Tilt cashier. Our advice is not to worry too much about chasing the FTPs to clear the Full Tilt bonus, as there are many more potentially more-lucrative offers available at the site.

(*) In certain jurisdictions FTPs are awarded at the rate of 8 per dollar. These jurisdictions include Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania and the UK.

Full Tilt Poker Software & Compatibility

If you have played online poker before at other sites and are now considering creating an account with Full Tilt, the biggest difference you will notice is Full Tilt´s staggering software. The quality of the gameplay is one of the reasons that Full Tilt grew in popularity during the last decade, and the tons of features that exist would take more space than is available to describe.

The poker software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems (sadly there is no support for Mac users wishing to visit the online casino), and Full Tilt mobile apps exist for Android and iOS devices on which you can play cash games, Rush Poker and Sit & Go games. Unusually for a technically advanced site, there are no apps for playing at the Full Tilt casino on a mobile.

Full Tilt Poker Download for Windows for Macintosh
System Requirements Minimum Recommended Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP Windows 7+ Mac OS X 10.6 Mac OS X 10.7+
Processor 1GHz Pentium 2GHz Pentium 1GHz G3 2GHz G3
Memory 512MB RAM 1GB RAM 512MB RAM 1GB RAM
Disc Space 200MB 200MB 100MB 100MB
Screen Resolution 800×600 1024×768 800×600 1024×768

Poker Games and Tournaments

The variation of cash games available at Full Tilt is astonishing. The staples of Texas Hold´em and Omaha are well catered for (including 5-card Omaha and 6-card Omaha) and players can also choose from a range of Stud Poker games, Draw Poker games and Mixed Poker games. If you have never played the online poker game of “Irish”, now is your chance to do so!

The selection of tournaments is equally as amazing. Full Tilt gives away more than $10,000 every week in freeroll events, and the range of tournament buy-ins goes all the way up to the $2,500 buy-in High Roller events that feature in the site´s famous Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS). Fortunately, each tournament series has a comprehensive satellite schedule, allowing players with more modest bankrolls to enter the most lucrative events.

Poker Rewards and Promotions

Full Tilt´s rewards program has the provocative name of the “Edge” and is a six-tier program that categorises players based on the average rate at which they collect FTPs every day (known as the “rolling average”). The higher the average, the higher status a player achieves and the more rewards they can earn. Keep an eye out for “Happy Hours” and special promotion periods when it is possible to earn double FTPs to enhance your status quicker.

The promotions at Full Tilt are constantly changing, and usually revolve around tournament games of poker or crossovers with the online casino (players can also earn FTPs by playing in the casino – if you have a Windows computer of course). As the site becomes more socially integrated, many of the promotions are exclusive to social media, and it is always worth following Full Tilt on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest promotions.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Full Tilt offers a decent range of deposit and withdrawal options including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, PaySafe and EntroPay. Players can also deposit directly from their bank accounts or from their PokerStars account. Bank transfers and payments by cheque are also available if a deposit has been made by a payment method that does not support withdrawals (for example MasterCard or PaySafe).

Full Tilt has a withdrawal policy that will channel withdrawals to the oldest deposit methods used in the previous twelve months, and it will be necessary to verify your identify before requesting funds from your Full Tilt account. Please note that the withdrawal facility is only available to players who have made a successful real money deposit. If you have freerolled your way to a fortune, you will still have to deposit into your account before you can withdraw your winnings.

Full Tilt Poker – Review Summary

We used to play at Full Tilt when the site was aggressive and unfriendly, and really appreciate the changes that have been made in recent years. Fortunately the changes have not affected the quality of the poker experience, the ease of clearing the Full Tilt bonus or the value that can be obtained from the Full Tilt “Edge” rewards program.

New players have the option of playing at “New to the Game” cash game tables where they will be protected from more experienced players, and hone their tournament skills in exclusive freerolls. Recent software changes have resulted in easier-to-navigate lobbies and the site in general is much more user-friendly than it ever was. Top Marks Full Tilt Poker!